The pressure on IT organisations is very high. Success today depends on adapting to quickly changing business needs, better aligning services with customers, reducing costs and increasing performance, … all while keeping up with fast-paced technology and industry evolution.

Lean is a proven and effective way to tackle these challenges, with many companies worldwide already following its principles. Lean has become the standard method of maximising effectiveness and value in a range of areas – from production to logistics to retail to product development. And now Lean is turning up more and more in IT departments and environments.

This one-day English language training gives IT professionals – from software developer to IT manager – the necessary knowledge and insight to implement Lean principles and practices in their team or organisation.


What makes the course 'Lean your IT' really effective is the combination of the theoretical background of Lean with a hands-on and pragmatic approach to implementation. Participants will learn from the practical, real-world experience of the trainer in implementing Lean in IT.

During the training, you’ll build up a collection of practical tips and tricks, learn from real life examples of Lean’s implementation, and get answers to all of your questions. The trainer uses dynamic discussions, games and exercises to deepen understanding of the taught principles and to maximise learning.


After following the course 'Lean your IT' you’ll have a solid understanding of Lean and how to apply it to IT. You will have learned and practiced a number of useful techniques and principles to apply immediately to your own work to streamline your workflow and cut your costs.

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This training can benefit anyone working in or with IT and who wants to deliver more by spending less. The aim of the course is not limited to software development; it applies just as well to IT operations, IT service management and general IT management.


It gives a solid base for implementing Lean in IT.

Sebastien Charlier, IT Manager, Nomacorc

Very good overview and introduction and invitation to develop yourself more in depth in the tools right for you.

Marc Collignon, Global core services manager, Marcocon


1. The origin of Lean

2. Lean principles and how to apply them to IT

3. Defining and increasing customer value

4. Identifying and removing different types of waste

5. Mapping and improving the value stream

6. The power of visual management

7. Brief introduction to 'Kanban' as a way to manage work

8. Establish continuous improvement cycles

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